Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The "ProFyle"..

Photography inspires me...

I am a self made photographer, but I can give credit to all the great and amazing people who have been fantastic to work with and supportive friends through my journey. I am in grad school right now, but I plan on traveling more and expanding my port. I love doing new photo concepts, especially with models that are strongly committed to making my visions reality.

I started my own gig entitled “ProFyle Inc” to showcase my talent. I chose to play on the word “profile” because of the mere definition. It’s a representation of something in outline; especially: a human head or face. It is also a degree or level of public exposure. So mixing that together produces a picture that depicts status, an idea overall thought. Modeling fused with photography is a great way of expression. PROFYLE, Inc. specializes in fashion, beauty and editorial photography; model portfolio, creative conceptuals, special events & parties, image consulting, and any other type of event worth capturing in the moment.

So what encouraged me to blog? Well first and foremost, I am not a writer or aspiring writer but I feel any work I do tells a story. I can be doing work for a client that has nothing to do with modeling but getting their brand out, my pictures still have a story. It’s my signature. From my work, you can tell that I love for my pictures to evoke feeling, make a statement, encourage conversation, open minds, provoke thought, entertain, captivate, explore imagination, beautify reality, cross boundaries, break ground, set standards, make rules and break them, fill voids and even challenge morality.

In addition to taking models portfolios to the level after the next, I love to get the “Wow factor” I can get with my models. I’ve been blessed to work with some talented people, you can contact anyone I have worked with and I am certain they will tell you it was a great experience.

So this is my blog..or shall I say “My ProFyle”…It will feature my pictures and I will share the inspiration or story behind them.

Once again, I am not a professional writer or aspiring writer….I am a PHOTOGRAPHER…so my writing style will include all types of errors and grammar disagreements… it makes it fun..lol…so just be awed by the pictures…but enjoy!

Maurice also known asMoe”

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