Friday, June 12, 2009

"Welcome to Hollywood, take my picture!"

One of my summer goals is to go to Los Angeles and spend about a week there. Even though I feel that I am defiantly an east coast guy, I want to travel around the west coast… hey I may even like it and become a west coast fella. Los Angeles is one of the world's centers of business, international trade, entertainment, culture, media, science, technology, education annnnnnddd fashion! It is no doubt the city of "The City of Angels". It has an estimated population of 3.8 million. So imagine that, 3.8 million people, and a fraction of them are models, actors, stylist, and photographers. So I am, in the words of my friend Britney, “super excited” about my vacation there.

I hope to one day have a studio in LA and New York! Wouldn't that be hot! I believe that LA produces some great models and opportunities for anyone who is interested in this big “industry of illusion”, as my mom calls it. But what I noticed about models or better yet individuals from the Cali is that they offer a different presence. Laid back, relaxed or very “chill”.

Speaking of a relaxing environment, it was a song that I remembered named “It never rains in southern California...and they tell me” (forgive me if messed that completely up). A couple of months ago I met this professional model from Cali. She was an amazing individual to work with…amazing! We were scheduled to do some causal and “Cosmo” shots (if you’re not from the college city of Tallahassee, you’re probably scratching your head wondering what does “Cosmo” mean, well its Tallahassee version of “upscale nightlife attire”...I know, right!) outside and at a restaurant to enjoy the nice Florida weather. Well Mother Nature was having a serious mood swing and decided to flood the city with rain and wind. So we decided to add a twist. Nicole loved the rain element and we decided to go against the nature with our shoot. I think Nicole did an excellent job with showing aspiring models that if you want a good shot that stands out, you will do whatever it take and still look good! Tyra Banks would be proud! Either one of us was sick after the shoot, so that was a great thing. Nicole loved her pics, which was even better! So if that is a taste of what I can expect to work with in LA, I am “super excited” about my trip. ~Moe

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